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Why register my community group with Glór na nGael?

Glór na nGael was founded in the year 1961 and since then the organisation helped community groups dedicated to the promotion of the Irish language locally and on a national level.

Valuable expertise has been gathered which enables the organisation to provide advice and support. The staff is continuously trained in the most modern methods from the point of view of language planning. Glór na nGael is recognised as one of the leading Irish language organisations and receives support and recognition from the State both north and south.

Registering with Glór na nGael offers your committee various benefits. Firstly, it fosters stronger cultural identity and pride by promoting the Irish language and heritage. Glór na nGael provides resources and support, which facilitate the preservation and revitalisation of the Irish language and culture in your community.

Also, registration with Glór na nGael opens doors to funding opportunities, grants, and networking opportunities, which will enable your group to expand its reach and influence. By registering with Glór na nGael, your committee gains access to a network of like-minded organisations and individuals, which fosters collaboration and information sharing.

In addition, if you are part of Glór na nGael it increases the visibility of your group within a national context. It shows your commitment to promoting the Irish language and can give your committee added recognition from interested parties and the general public.

All in all, if you register with Glór na nGael it enables your group to make a more significant and sustainable contribution to the preservation and promotion of the Irish language.
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