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The Parent’s Role in the Speech Learning Process

The role of the parent in the process of learning to speak

Learning to speak is one of the most important and complex skills that children learn.

It looks like it happens naturally but parents play a significant role in the process. The more children are spoken to, the more likely they will be good speakers, full of confidence and happy with themselves.

You should be talking to children during the day about what you are doing, when you are feeding them, bathing them, changing the nappy or otherwise.

Talk about the things you see on your way to the shops or the supermarket.
Talk about the things that the child is interested in.
Look at the child while you are talking to them and give them a chance to respond to your conversation.
Respond to the child’s bragging.
Lie down with him to read or chat about the pictures.
Have fun with rhymes and poems.
When they get older and speech is recovering, listen to the child carefully and give them a chance to finish what they are saying.

If they say something wrong, repeat it the right way.

Watch TV together so that you can chat about what happens in the programmes.