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Children love songs and rhymes; they especially love to hear your voice. Songs and rhymes really help to grow and develop your child’s speaking and listening skills.

It is the music of your voice that your child most enjoys. So sing songs to them, even if you don’t have a great voice. Your child will not be judging you. Turn off your television or radio so that your child can hear your voice only.

You don’t need to sing children’s songs all the time, you can sing pop music, sean nós songs or any style of music. If you enjoy the song, so will your child. Notice how the music and your voice affects him/her. Can you see their fingers twisting and turning?

When your child is tired or when they are confused, try singing a song to them, slowly and gently, to give them relief. Children learn through fun. When you are singing songs and rhymes, change your voice, make gestures or use your child’s name in the song. For example: In the Zoo or I am the train driver.

When it comes to your child or children making sounds, cheer them on and give he/she encouragement. Even though your child is not able to speak yet. Listen to the responses they give to the songs and rhymes.