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Scéim Forbartha Líonraí Gaeilge 2022-2024

Glór na nGael welcomes the news that Foras na Gaeilge has announced the successor to Scéim Phobal Gaeilge (the Irish Language Community Scheme), namely the Scéim Forbartha Líonraí Gaeilge (Irish Language Networks Development Scheme). It is a source of relief to those community groups and Development Officers who have been awaiting certainty under this scheme. The announcement of the new scheme will allow the community groups to now plan ahead, for the first time in a long time.

However, Glór na nGael acknowledges that what will be provided through this new scheme is not what the community groups had demanded during the consultation process last year. Not all groups will be able to cover current costs and salaries with the income from this scheme alone, not to mention provide basic services to their community, without relying on other funding schemes.

“While this is a step forward, and we warmly welcome the new scheme announced today, it will leave the current community groups even poorer than they were when the Scéim Phobal Gaeilge was first set up. We welcome the various levels mentioned with this new scheme. Glór na nGael have been helping and supporting new and undeveloped groups for a long time, and we believe that the availability of a primary level scheme is a source of hope for such groups. We are also pleased with the new layout of the scheme whereby an area with a Líonra Gaeilge (Irish Language Network), a Baile Seirbhíse Gaeltachta (Gaeltacht Service Town) or a cluster of SPG Development Officers will not be disadvantaged.”
Lorcán Mac Gabhann, Ceannasaí Ghlór na nGael

Glór na nGael looks forward to the implementation of the Scéim Forbartha Líonraí Gaeilge 2022-2024 and hopes that there will be an opportunity for Foras na Gaeilge to provide further investment to the community groups involved during the period of the scheme.