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Category: Language Development

Jun 20
Support Scheme for parents raising a family through the medium of Irish

Cara Teanga Tí Have you considered raising your children through the medium of Irish but you’re not sure where to start? Or are you raising your family through Irish and would like to connect with other families? Glór na nGael provides a support scheme called Cara Teanga Tí, and creates opportunities for parents who are […]

Jun 06
Clár Spraoi do Ghrupaí Súgartha

Glór na nGael has published a program of activities that will provide guidance for those organising play groups through the medium of Irish. This new publication,Clár Spraoi do Ghrúpaí Súgartha, is an à la carte activity program where activities can be chosen from 120 activities across 30 themes. Suzy Uí Ghallachóir, from Letterkenny and owner […]

Feb 25
Gaeltacht Scholarship Scheme for Parents/Guardians 2024 is now open

Would you like to attend a Gaeltacht course this Summer? We are now accepting applications for the Gaeltacht Scholarship Scheme for Parents/Guardians. The Teanga Tí department of Glór na nGael hopes that parents of families in which Irish is the spoken language or whose children are attending a Gaelscoil will avail of this opportunity to […]

Apr 25
Is Féidir Linn le Gaelbhratach

Is Féidir Linn The digital resource ‘Is Féidir Linn’ (We Can) has been launched by Gaelbhratach, aimed at anyone who wishes to use more Irish at home. It is a great resource for families who are learning.  A link to Is Féidir Linn is available HERE Is féidir linn le chéile! We can together!    

Jul 12
Raising children with Irish Outside the Gaeltacht

Suggestions for Parents It is widely acknowledged that a person ‘s ability to speak a language is closely linked to the number of opportunities he or she has to hear and speak that language. The main aim of parents raising a child through Irish should be to give him every opportunity to hear Irish, and […]

Feb 12
Encouraging Your Child to speak

Parents can do a lot to help develop their children’s speech and language skills. Here are a few tips to help with your child’s language process. It is worthwhile to remember that not every child is the same but most are able to say a few words by their first birthday. Be sure that your […]

Feb 11
The Parent’s Role in the Speech Learning Process

The role of the parent in the process of learning to speak Learning to speak is one of the most important and complex skills that children learn. It looks like it happens naturally but parents play a significant role in the process. The more children are spoken to, the more likely they will be good […]

Feb 11
Learning Sites for Parents and Children

Parents of many varied competencies learn Irish alongside their children. For those wishing to improve their competency, learning support is available for these websites as well as others: offers beautiful posters and plenty more that is helpful for parents or children. CCEA – has a range of resources available in Northern Ireland including information […]

Feb 11
The Advantages of Bilingualism

There are many reasons why parents make the decision to speak Irish in their family- cultural, educational or identity. Whatever the reason, there are many advantages to this decision. Advantages of thinking: a) Creative thinking: a)A bilingual child will have two words or more for every item and every idea. A bilingual person has the […]

Feb 11
12 Points for Parents to Remember about Bilingualism

The following is a list of 12 points that will help parents raising children bilingually: 1 – It doesn’t happen by magic Children do not become bilingual “by magic.” There is a common myth that “children are like sponges when it comes to language” and that they will learn all languages they hear at their […]

Feb 11
Talking to Your Child

Learning to speak is one of most important and one of the most difficult skills that a child learns. It may seem that it happens naturally but parents play a significant role in the process. This is all the more important when learning a minority language. The more that children are spoken to in Irish, […]

Feb 11
Encouraging Children to Speak Irish

English is all around us; always encroaching. It can be hard to encourage our children to speak Irish, as the turn to English. Below are some hints to help encourage them to speak Irish: Contact and Need: When a child is reluctant to speak the minority language, such as in our own context in Ireland […]