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Open for Business: Register now for GRADAIM 2024

Registration is now open for the third consecutive year of GRADAIM Gnó na hÉireann. Companies participating in the GRADAIM recognition program can attain bronze, silver, or gold status based on their performance across one, two, or all three of the following categories: 1. Signage; 2. Marketing and branding; 3. Irish-language service.

Last year, 262 companies registered for GRADAIM, with 147 earning awards. These businesses are spread throughout the island of Ireland, and the scheme is open to enterprises both within and outside the Gaeltacht regions.

GRADAIM is supported by two development officers: Pádraig Ó Neachtain, covering Connacht and Munster, and Ceithleann Ní Duibhir Ní Dhúlacháin, focusing on Ulster and Leinster. The scheme is managed by Frainc Mac Cionnaith. Through the program, the development officers provide valuable assistance and support to businesses.

Currently, GRADAIM is partnering with Dáithí ó Sé on a social media publicity campaign. We encourage you to show your support by liking or, even better, sharing the campaign if you come across it!

To register your business with GRADAIM Gnó na hÉireann, please click here.