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Learning Sites for Parents and Children

Parents of many varied competencies learn Irish alongside their children. For those wishing to improve their competency, learning support is available for these websites as well as others:

  • offers beautiful posters and plenty more that is helpful for parents or children.
  • CCEA – has a range of resources available in Northern Ireland including information about the curriculum of Northern Irish-medium schools and games for parents and their children.
  • Snas ar Scéal is a support facility that helps to develop a child’s thinking and writing skills.
  • is an online dictionary with information on grammar structures and gives examples of words in sentences and phrases.
  • Teanglann is another online dictionary with free and easy access to phonetics, lexical and grammatical data relating to words in Irish.
  •  aims to provide digital resources to primary school teachers in order to support them in their teaching of Irish. The site also gives support to children and parents practising Irish at home through sound clips of enjoyable stories poems and lessons.
  • www.gaelchultú –posts a new phrase daily. To hear and see the new phrase, click on the play button located in the middle of the video,
  • www.daltaí.com is a site based in New York aimed at Irish people who are living abroad.
  • Séideánsí.ie provides a range of digital resources and activities that are based on what is available on printed programmes and curriculums and is developed on specific aspects on that programme. This site is in line with the approach set out in the primary school curriculum.
  • has a database of over 15,000 online resources, including websites, quizzes, lesson plans, notes, videos, games and other multimedia.
  • Booklet for learners is available from that is suitable for parents who are learning Irish. Déan Comhrá – Cúpla focail for Parents and Guardians is also available from the link above.