April 24, 2019

Irish in Business

Glór na nGael will seek to support and develop new businesses and opportunities for those wishing to carry out their business, including in workplace communication, through Irish.

Glór na nGael is tasked with developing business through Irish within the Irish language community at community level, and to strengthen existing business through developing support for these. We will work to help set up new community based economic ventures which use Irish as their workplace language by developing resources to complement this.

We will also work to encourage other businesses to increase the level of Irish they use, and to provide services through Irish to Irish speaking customers.

Amárach Research

In 2015 Amárach Research published the results of an in-depth survey carried out for Glór na nGael on consumer attitudes to Irish language goods. The research revealed a good level of support for such products and a willingness to buy, were the goods to be available and visible. The research is available here in PDF form, and Glór na nGael staff are available to offer advice and assistance to any business or entrepreneur interested in benefiting from the research.

Download the report here: Amárach Research