June 24, 2021

Irish in Business

Glór na nGael will seek to support and develop new businesses and opportunities for those wishing to carry out their business, including in workplace communication, through Irish.

Glór na nGael is tasked with developing business through Irish within the Irish language community at community level, and to strengthen existing business through developing support for these. We will work to help set up new community based economic ventures which use Irish as their workplace language by developing resources to complement this.

We will also work to encourage other businesses to increase the level of Irish they use, and to provide services through Irish to Irish speaking customers.

Irish in business videos

It is hoped that these short videos will encourage more businesses to use more Irish in their signage and services to customers. While there is no ‘one size fits all’ in business these videos show that what works for one business will often work for others.

We encourage businesses to look at what has already been done and to see where they can follow that best practice. Businesses can play a part in increasing the visability of Irish and benefiting from that just as the businesses in these videos have done.