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Home Language for Networks with Preschool Children

Glór na nGael supports playgroups where Irish is the language of those groups. The playgroups of Glór na nGael give children the opportunity to start learning social skills and to hear the Irish language in a natural setting outside of town. Parents are able to enjoy a relationship and create a support network.

A minimum of five will be involved in each group. It is possible that parents are fluent in Irish, moderate in Irish and want to improve their ability or speak little Irish but want to achieve a higher standard. There is a place for them in this scheme.

Those interested in setting up a playgroup can contact Glór na n’Gael for advice.

The aims of the playgroup are:

To create an exciting environment for young children, where they can meet and have fun safely and comfortably;
Encouraging children to use the Irish language;
Giving parents who speak Irish the opportunity to use it with other parents;
Helping the children to acquire and maintain Irish, in a natural setting;
Fostering a language link between the children and the parent; and
Attracting parents to make the positive choice to speak Irish at home.

If you are interested in setting up a playgroup, Glór na nGael development officers are available to provide advice and support.


Below is information about some of the Irish and bilingual Playgroups that are operating throughout the country. Some of them are established or operate independently of Glór na nGael but Glór na nGael is always there to provide support and advice.

If you are running an Irish or bilingual playgroup, or would like to set one up, get in touch with and you will be put in touch with the Development Officer in your area for advice and support.