June 3, 2023

Irish in the Family

The family is the most important unit to ensure that the richness of the Irish language is enjoyed by future generations. Glór na nGael is the lead national organisation tasked with promoting Irish as the family language. We work closely with other groups and organisations who are working for the same aims.   

It is Glór na nGael’s role to ensure that Irish speaking families have access to advice and support. A program of events throughout the year include: holidays in the Gaeltacht, activity weekends in all four provinces, day events throughout the country, storytelling at Samhain,  Daidí na Nollag visits at Christmas, Easter events, picnics in May, a family room at Oireachtas na Gaeilge and more.

Teanga Tí

Glór na nGael has launched a new scheme, Teanga Tí, to support the use of Irish in gaelscoil communities. The scheme will provide a support fund of €900 per school to support the organisation of events for participating families.

Further information is available at this link.

Towards a Strategic Plan For Irish as a Family Language

Glór na nGael has published a national strategy to support the Irish language as a family language, Towards a Strategic Plan For Irish as a Family Language. The core aim of the proposed strategy is to support and encourage parents to raise their children through the medium of Irish and to support families. A copy of the strategy is available at the following link

Handbook for Glór Groups

It is the responsibility of Glór na nGael to support and encourage parents who wish to use Irish as the main language in the home. We support family groups, parent and toddler groups and events for families. This handbook provides information on good-practice and the regulation of those groups who enjoy support from Glór na nGael.

Advice on managing data under GDPR regulations

Glór na nGael has published advisory documents for community groups to assist then on fulfilling their duties under General Data Protection Regulations, GDPR.