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Business Development

It is of the utmost importance that the Irish language has a presence in every facet of life. Glór na nGael is dedicated to promoting Irish in the business sector and in the delivery of services. This will enhance the status and use of Irish in society.

Glór na nGael is obliged, under Function 10 bestowed on us by Foras na Gaeilge;

To provide counsel, support and advice to the business community to encourage them to support the use of Irish in their businesses.


Objective 1. To encourage the business community to use Irish

Glór na nGael will encourage the use of Irish in business and among small to medium sized enterprises. This will be achieved, in cooperation with Conradh na Gaeilge, through proposing and encouraging enterprises that use Irish in their businesses, to register with the business directory on


Objective 2. Bilingual Excellence in Business

‘Bilingual Excellence in Business’ is a new recognition scheme from Foras na Gaeilge. Small and medium sized enterprises will be awarded the Certification Mark for developing and utilising Irish in their businesses and marketing. The Certification Mark displays an understanding and dedication to bilingualism in business. It also displays market leadership in delivering new customer service.  The Certification Mark will be presented to any business organisation that achieves the awarding criteria as outlined in the Standard for Certification Mark.

Glór na nGael will support the scheme through;

  1. Promoting the scheme amongst small and medium sized enterprises.
  2. Advising and counselling businesses
  3. Preparing companies registered with the business directory to achieve the Mark
  4. Assisting companies to achieve the Mark


For more information on the support available for business from Glór na nGael contact