October 19, 2019

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Deireadh Fómhar, 2019

20DF(DF 20)2:00 in11Sam(Sam 11)4:00 inSports Skills for Young Families - Co. Chorcaí (Co. Cork)

In 2014 Glór na nGael, established in 1961, was unveiled as one of six national Lead Organisations for the Irish language.  Glór na nGael was given responsibility for promoting Language in the Family Setting; Language in Business and Enterprise; and Language in Community Development.

Established as a competition to recognise the work of communities and groups promoting Irish, the original founders Cumann na Sagart would certainly recognise that their project has remained true, more than half a century later, to the original objectives. Alongside the work of the annual community competition however the current Glór na nGael staff of 17 are involved in a wide range of projects which go beyond the competition and yet dovetail with it.