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Artificial Intelligence in the Irish language workplace

Artificial Intelligence in the Irish language workplace

After a lecture on AI in the workplace with Dr. Eoghan Mac Conaill Óig last week, there was plenty for us to ponder and of course we had to try what we learned ourselves. With that in mind, we asked the Artificial Intelligence itself ‘what are the benefits of AI for Irish language speaker?’ 

This is what she told us.

Language Learning Assistance: AI-powered language learning apps and tools can provide personalized guidance and feedback to learners of Irish. These tools can adapt to individual learning styles and pace, making language acquisition more efficient and enjoyable.

Translation Services: AI can facilitate seamless translation between Irish and other languages, breaking down barriers to communication and enabling Irish speakers to access a broader range of content and information online.

Content Creation: AI algorithms can assist in generating written and spoken content in Irish, ranging from news articles to podcasts. This capability can help increase the availability of Irish language content across various digital platforms.

Language Preservation: AI technologies can aid in the preservation of Irish language heritage by digitising and cataloguing historical texts, recordings, and artifacts. This ensures that valuable linguistic and cultural resources are accessible for future generations.

In conclusion, AI offers numerous opportunities to support and enrich the Irish language community, from language learning and translation to content creation and preservation. By embracing these technologies, the Irish language can thrive in the digital age while preserving its rich cultural heritage.

AI was used to create the above image.